President & CEO

Joakim Rosengren

President & CEO

“DeLaval aims to influence and shape the future of dairy farming. As a company and an industry leader we at DeLaval endeavor to support dairy farmers balance the economic growth of their business with the demands they face from society, animal health, and the environment. We want to help them run a sustainable and successful business that they can pass on to future generations,” Joakim Rosengren, President & CEO, DeLaval International AB.

Our management team

Magnus Berg

Supply Chain


Mikael Landberg

Human Resources


Johan Ledel

Group Finance & IS


Paul Löfgren

Marketing & Sales


Tim Nicolaï

BA Aftermarkets, Services & Barn Environment


Jonas Hällman

Jonas Hällman

BA Milking Systems


Lars Johansson

Corporate Communications

Johan Svahn

Johan Swahn

Legal Affairs

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