DeLaval AMR™ is a reality in Tasmania

Gala Farm in Tasmania has DeLaval's first AMR™ commercial installation. Enjoy photos of the farm and watch interviews with key speakers from our media event.

Follow here a day in the life of the Dornauf family on Gala Farm.

On May 15th, 2012, journalists visited the first operating grasslands farm with a DeLaval automatic milking rotary, the DeLaval AMR™. The revolutionary robotic rotary dairy is now a reality with the world’s first commercial installation in operation at Gala. The dairy farm is operated by the Dornauf family in northern Tasmania. The family have been milking with the AMR™ since early 2012, and are delighted with the results. Watch the interview with the owners Chris and Nick who talk about their experience with the new system. 


Feel free to ask any question about the AMR™

Media Contact

Kristina Hunter Nilsson
Director External Communications

Mobile: + 46 725 099992 

AMR™ system overview

AMR™ at Gala

DeLaval's public gallery

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