DeLaval body condition scoring BCS

DeLaval body condition scoring BCS automatically and accurately calculates the body condition score of your cows on a daily basis, while they are on the move.

Body condition scores are often used as a critical measure of how effective feeding is on a farm. Therefore it needs to be done accurately and at specific times in the lactation cycle. Knowing the body condition score of your cows can help you plan feeding to ensure your cows have healthy body fat reserves thus promoting milk production, reproductive efficiency and cow longevity.

DeLaval BCS eliminates the guesswork and the inaccuracies of visual and tactile evaluation. The BCS camera is mounted on a DeLaval sort gate or on DeLaval VMS™. It takes a 3D image of your cows' lower backs every time they pass under the camera. It then calculates the body condition score of each cow and sends it to DeLaval DelPro Farm Manager where you can view graphs of individual animals, groups or the entire herd. DelPro Farm Manager can be set to notify you if a cow falls below a certain score.

 DeLaval body condition scoring BCS


Benefits of DeLaval BCS

- Delivers daily, consistent and accurate body condition scoring

- Provides individual, group and herd overview

- Eliminates stress for cows when scoring

- Provides automated reports on health deviations

- Scores can be shared with veterinarians and nutritionists

All this facilitates optimised feeding which promotes better cow health

DeLaval BCS brochure

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