Getting to know Hamra Farm

Commercial Visits to Hamra Farm

A visitor’s day at Hamra starts with presentations: a general one on DeLaval followed by one specifically on Hamra.

The tour then starts with a look at the museum and the history of DeLaval over the past 125 years. This also includes the history of Hamra Farm, as well as examples of various historic products.

From the museum it is natural then to go to the Exhibition Hall, which offers a unique collection of the solutions DeLaval is producing today and selling worldwide. It clearly shows the progress made in dairy farming, compared with what we can see in the museum.

For our visitors, mainly farmers, it is probably most interesting to see the three different barns at Hamra

  • The Big barn: the stanchion barn originally built by Gustaf DeLaval in 1900 with places for 68 dairy cows.
  • The R&D barn: loose housing barn with places for 96 cows where most of our products are tested.
  • The VMS barn: the newest barn with places for 69 cows and one robot for automatic milking, the voluntary milking system.

For more information

Please call +46 8 530 666 60

And while you’re here…

In connection with your visit to Hamra, your group may like to see more farms with DeLaval products.  Contact us for more information and arrangements.

Find out what else is happening in Sweden and get tourist information at Visit Sweden.

For more information

Please call: 
+46 8 530 666 60


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