Efficient service is strongly linked to Sustainable Dairy Farming (SDF). Scheduled service is a very competent way to keep farms running in a sustainable manner, especially as the size and complexity of dairy operations increase. Less waste is accumulated, animal health is better preserved, profits are boosted and fewer emergency call-outs made.



service van arriving at farm

Efficient professional service

DeLaval InService™ is focused on understanding and responding well to our customers’ needs. So InService™ offers preventive maintenance, advisory services and 24/7 emergency service. You choose the service or services to fit your needs.

Regular scheduled service is the best way to maintain reliability, improve efficiency, and reduce the risk and cost of any emergencies. InService™ preventive maintenance services your equipment on a regular schedule to maintain top performance.

Our advisory services offer co-operative dairy farm planning services; and guidance and training courses on milking efficiency and your DeLaval equipment to help you achieve the best results from your equipment, your workers and your cows.

Of course we recognise the need for emergency service, and offer full 24/7 emergency support, 365 days a year. We provide professional support and original parts.

DeLaval InService™ is designed to cope with the variety of farming systems worldwide, with the flexibility to meet individual farm and farmer requirements.

You can rely on DeLaval for efficient service.

DeLaval InService™ – save $3 for every dollar spent


Save time and money

Regular service, tests and controls can make your machinery more reliable, your business more profitable and reduce your personal stress. Time is always important: milk production delays are costly as disruptions cause reactions throughout the farm and costs can easily escalate. Preventive maintenance is the most efficient way to prevent emergencies: for every dollar spent you save up to $3 in subsequent expenses.

DeLaval preventive maintenance is a scheduled maintenance program to suit your needs. We have a world wide network of more than 3,000 professional service technicians using specialized equipment and company standard protocols to service DeLaval installations; and DeLaval machine tests are based on international and national standards. Our unique testing tool DeLaval VPR100 is used to accurately evaluate, calibrate and set up your milking machine.

Dedicated service

Your program will depend on the size of your herd, the number of milking points, the milking time and cleaning time – and we can also service your cooling, feeding and manure equipment. Regular testing and maintenance will help to ensure peak system performance, extend its lifetime, and minimize equipment down time.

When you sign a service agreement for preventive maintenance, a certified DeLaval service technician will complete a regular thorough equipment evaluation and performance check, to make sure your system is running at optimal performance.

Any replacement parts will be DeLaval original parts and liners, to ensure the continued reliability of your equipment.

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DeLaval emergency service

We manage our own DeLaval dairy farm, so we know that around the clock support is a must. With our global distribution network we are close to our customers, and we offer 24/7 emergency support 365 days a year. We’re only a phone call away.

Advisory service

We provide training for you and your employees at system start-up, schedule follow-up visits for system evaluation, and offer ongoing advisory services for more efficient farm management. You can be sure DeLaval cares about your satisfaction and success.

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