DeLaval MidiLine™ ML2100 and ML3100 milking systems

DeLaval MidiLine™ ML2100 and ML3100 milking systems

Swing-over – high throughput, low investment

A DeLaval MidiLine™ parlour is the ultimate low input, high throughput, batch milking system that helps you make use of your time and resources in a highly efficient way.

With clusters positioned in the middle of the pit, they serve both sides of the parlour. Compared to systems with one milking unit per stall  , this is a more cluster-efficient investment: DeLaval MidiLine™ milking systems can achieve a similar parlour capacity to a double-up or low line system, with significantly lower capital investment.

DeLaval offers the choice of two MidiLine™ milking systems:

DeLaval ML2100 – provides a basic level of functionality without automation, but can be upgraded with various automation modules. It is therefore suitable when the level of initial investment needs to be kept low, while providing the flexibility to upgrade as needed.

DeLaval ML3100 – offers integrated automation right from the start. The sleek and ultramodern swing-over arm provides automatic take-off and Comfort-Start. Linked to advanced milk flow management, DeLaval ML3100 is a highly efficient, easy-to-use milking parlour. Full system integration with DeLaval DelPro™ Farm Manager ensures a high level of advanced milking and herd management functionality.

Fast installation thanks to modularity

DeLaval MidiLine™ milking systems are delivered pre-assembled in compact modules. This means they are easily installed in existing parlours or new buildings, saving installation time and costs. The pre-mounted receivers are specifically made for DeLaval MidiLine™ milking systems. Both DeLaval ML2100 and ML3100 are designed  to make the most of limited space, with all automation equipment mounted overhead, except for part of the cleaning system.

Low cost of ownership

Since the milking points of a DeLaval MidiLine™ system serve both sides of the parlour, service costs are often lower. Shorter operating times, fewer milking points and reduced cleaning requirements all point to decreased maintenance costs. Add to this the lower initial investment level and you will understand why a DeLaval MidiLine™ milking system offers reduced overall cost of ownership.

Cut energy costs

With DeLaval MidiLine™ systems, you can use energy efficient solutions such as air purge for the cleaning system and variable speed controls for vacuum and milk pumps. The unique range of variable speed drives from DeLaval can help cut energy costs by up to 70%, making your farm more sustainable and cost-efficient.

Features and benefits ML2100 ML3100
Investment efficiency – fast payback Standard Standard
Ease of milking – operator comfort Standard Standard
Optimal cluster efficiency – more cows per cluster Standard Standard
Energy efficient – lower running costs Standard Standard
Automatic cluster removal Optional Standard
Comfort-Start Optional Standard
Standard swing arm Optional -
Encapsulated swing arm with positive positioning - Standard
Milk flow indicator Optional  
Milk flow indicator with digital display Optional Standard
ICAR-approved milk meter with digital display Optional Optional
DeLaval DelPro™ Farm Manager Optional Optional

Smart investment

  • Reduce labour costs: one person can milk more cows
  • Fewer milking points mean lower maintenance costs
  • Cut water and energy bills
  • Upgradeable system


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