Herd Navigator™

Herd Navigator™ is an advanced analysis system which identifies every milking cow in need of special attention, and gives you clear information on what to do. Early and specific attention alerts enable fast action: improving production efficiency, profitability, animal welfare and food safety.

Herd Navigator dramatically improves three key factors in your milk production:

  • Reproduction
  • Mastitis detection
  • Ketosis detection

 Herd Navigator™ features

  • Automatic milk sampling during milking, and analysis of specific milk indicators.
  • It analyses four parameters specific for mastitis, reproduction, metabolic disorders, and feed protein balance.
  • Identifies cows in need of special attention – for reproduction, health, feeding or animal welfare.
  • It recommends action plans to improve the cow’s condition.
  • It enables fast action before a cow shows any clinical signs of disease.
  • Automatic heat detection finds even silent heats, with the “gold standard” indicator progesterone.
  • It improves efficiency in daily tasks, and reduces time and effort in routine work.  

Daily automatic milk monitoring by Herd Navigator™  

Focus area

Parameter analysed in milk

Early / on time detection



Heat and silent heat
Likelihood of success at insemination

Udder health

LDH – lactate dehydrogenase Mastitis

Subclinical Mastitis

Feeding and energy balance

BHB – beta hydroxybutyrate

Feed ration – protein
Subclinical ketosis
Secondary metabolic disorders

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Take control, know your herd

The more you know about your herd, the more you can increase your farm’s profitability. Herd Navigator™ is part of Smart Farming at DeLaval.

Partners behind Herd Navigator™

Herd Navigator™, the first product of the FOSS & DeLaval Solutions brand, has been developed by FOSS A/S and DeLaval International AB, in close co-operation with the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at Aarhus University and the Danish Cattle Federation.


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