Multi reader

DeLaval multi reader

If you can manage each of your cows individually, even with a large herd, you can improve farm profitability. Automatic cow identification with your DeLaval herd management system is the key.

Multi reader walk by

DeLaval multi reader identifies each cow quickly, while they simply walk by. The multi reader reads both the B-transponder and HDX ISO, and allows speedy cow traffic into the parlour.

For excellence in herd management

When you have a large or growing herd you may have more need for farm management tools. A basic need is for fast accurate identification of each cow. DeLaval multi reader is the answer. With this automatic cow identification system you will gain access to a whole range of management capabilities. It will provide you with a very efficient tool to manage each cow in your herd.

Herd management control

Each cow can be tracked, drafted automatically for treatment, fed individually or as the group requires, and entered into specific breeding programmes. With cow ID linked via ALPRO™ herd management to DeLaval activity meter system and individual milk metering, you gain automatic detection of heat signals or health problems; milking parlour alarms and data on individual milk production.

Optimizing efficiency

Making full use of the functions enabled by cow ID can boost farm profitability. Improvements come through optimized breeding efficiency with fewer days open, better feed conversion rates, labour efficiencies, and automatic advice on preventive actions which reduce the possibility of human errors. DeLaval multi reader will be the “eyes” of your herd management system.

High reading hit rate

DeLaval multi reader achieves high identification rates. It will read a transponder even if it is twisted or turned around.

DSP technology

Optimized digital signal processing (DSP) is the advanced technology which provides the multi reader with higher accuracy than more conventional products. Adaptive software compensates for deflection/reflection from steel piping, or potential disruption from other radio frequency devices.

Solid and reliable

The heavy duty, safe and robust DeLaval multi reader works in all static parlours, rotaries and automatic drafting gates. It withstands heavy cow traffic and operates well even in harsh environments with wind and rain. DeLaval multi reader is easy to install and maintain.

DeLaval multi reader

  • Heavy duty, robust construction
  • Operates in harsh environments
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Works with several applications
  • Excellent identification hit rate
  • Digital signal processing helps ensure quick response

Technical data

  • Voltage: 12 VAC +20% -10%
  • Power: 30 VA


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