Hand held reader HHR

DeLaval hand held reader HHR

DeLaval hand held reader accurately identifies individual animals, any time, anywhere. This light weight, well balanced device links electronic ID and ear tag numbers and communicates with the ALPRO™ herd management system.

DeLaval hand held reader HHR

With the hand held reader HHR you can easily identify animals in the barn or enter a new animal in your database. Maintaining a safe distance helps to keep the animals calm, while protecting the user during field operations.

DeLaval hand held reader accurately reads conventional transponders and other electronic identifiers for cows, sheep, goats or buffalo.

Useful and efficient, the well-balanced device has lightweight batteries to take up to 3000 readings before they need recharging. A long handle supports the air coil antenna, enabling accurate identification from up to one metre away.

DeLaval hand held reader HHR

This offers:

  • The material used and the hand grip design allow daily operation in any climate.
  • Easy data transfer
  • Robust design for day-long operation
  • Control ID information


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