DeLaval body condition scoring BCS

DeLaval body condition scoring BCS

Body condition scores are often used as a critical measure of how effective feeding is on a farm. They should be measured accurately at specific times in the lactation cycle. Accurate body condition scores enable better feed planning, which helps to ensure your cows have healthy body fat reserves. This promotes milk production, reproductive efficiency and cow longevity.

Core benefits

  • Provides daily automatic body condition scoring
  • Helps optimise feeding
  • Promotes increased milk yield
  • Supports improved heard health and reproduction

DeLaval BCS eliminates the guesswork and the inaccuracies of manual evaluation. The BCS camera is mounted on a DeLaval sort gate or on DeLaval VMS™. It takes a 3D image of your cows' lower backs every time they pass under the camera. It then calculates the body condition score of each cow and logs it in DeLaval DelPro™ Farm Manager where you can view graphs of individual animals, groups or the entire herd. DeLaval DelPro™ also notifies you if a cow falls below or rises above a certain score.

3D view of cow

DeLaval BCS takes a 3D image of a cow’s back every time it passes under the camera and calculates its body condition score.



  • Delivers daily, consistent and accurate body condition scoring
  • Provides individual, group and herd overview 
  • Eliminates stress for cows when scoring
  • Creates  reports on health deviations
  • Scores can be shared with veterinarians and nutritionists


  • Warns you if you are underfeeding or overfeeding a cow, group or herd. This could result in moving a cow to another feeding group or adjusting a group feed ration.
  • Enables maximum feed efficiency.
  • Provides an early warning signal when a cow’s body condition score is decreasing too rapidly in early lactation and hence causing a risk of not getting pregnant in time and producing less milk.
  • Helps avoid cows becoming too fat at dry-off and calving, which can lead to a higher risk of problems at calving and acquisition of metabolic disorders like ketosis in the new lactation. 

Body condition scoring brochure

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