DelPro™ for stanchion barn herd management software

DeLaval DelPro™ integrated dairy management system will provide you with ways to better control your milk production – without having to change your whole dairying system and way of life.

Integrated dairy management for stanchion barns

Managing a dairy farm is hard work. You know that better than we do. We understand that times are changing and that you need to focus more on making your business financially successful. Most of the stanchion barn tasks can now be mechanized or automated. This leaves you more time to focus on herd management activities which will help drive down your cost of production and increase profits.

DeLaval DelPro is a dairy management system which will help milk, manage and feed your cows better. DeLaval DelPro is like having a very smart and efficient farm assistant. It will save you time, and improve farm profitability.

Without having to change your barn layout or rebuild your barn, without having to re-educate your cows, without having to make a huge financial investment, with DeLaval DelPro you will get the real time information you need to make better management decisions.

Information is power: having better information will empower you to improve your management and profit margins.

From stand-alone products to an automated system

DeLaval DelPro is based on data communication for integrated dairy management, to help you make your dairy farm more efficient and profitable.

The communication process is quite straightforward, with information transmitted to and from activities in the barn and your computer. In the barn the milking unit and the feed wagon carry out traditional farm tasks – linked via the wireless unit and system controller to your computer. In your office the computer with DeLaval DelPro dairy management software collects, analyses and monitors data from the milking units, feed wagons, and other sources. The system provides you with the information you need for making better management decisions.

It is the wireless linking of barn based equipment directly to the computer, and the automated flow of information both ways, that enables the integrated dairy management system, a great step forward from simple stand-alone products.

DeLaval DelPro hands you better control: saving time and effort, while processing and delivering fast accurate information. DeLaval DelPro is the essential management tool for stanchion barn dairy farming.

New with DelPro version 3.0 
Vet visit module

This enables preparation for planned vet visits, including timely invitations. DelPro generates a printed list with a comprehensive set of animal data for reference during the vet check. It then enables fast and accurate recording of vet check results.

DeLaval DelPro™ MU480 DeLaval feedwagon
DeLaval DelPro™ MU480 DeLaval feedwagon
DeLaval wireless unit WU100 DeLaval DelPro™ software
DeLaval wireless unit WU100 DeLaval DelPro™ software
DeLaval system controller SC
DeLaval system controller SC

A superior new milking unit with internationally approved milk meter is integral to the system, with ‘Smart ID’ to help identify cow numbers and reduce work routine times while improving milking performance and data accuracy. Information is sent and received automatically, in a two way data flow – with barn-based milking units and feeding equipment linked to the computer based software which collects, analyses and monitors the data.


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