DelPro™ for VMS herd management software

DelPro™ for VMS herd management software

Knowing cow performance is everything in the success of your dairy herd – and DelPro™ connects you to your entire operation, from feeding and animal health, to milking and reproduction.

DeLaval DelPro™ for VMS builds on the international success of this integrated dairy management software. It offers even more efficiency and profitability for your dairy farm; and DeLaval system controller SC provides DelPro with robustness, performance and reliability. With DeLaval DelPro collecting, analysing and monitoring information from the VMS, the feed stations, feed wagons, activity meter, and so on, the system provides you with the information you need to make effective management decisions for animal health, feeding, reproduction and milking.

Putting you in control

As the management system for DeLaval voluntary milking system VMS, DelPro brings a unique degree of capability to automated milking. Now you can be instantly in touch with every aspect of your dairy operation. When it comes to the future of your business, you are truly in control.

Easy to navigate, easy to benefit

The whole look and feel of the VMS and DelPro interface has been created for optimum flexibility and usability. Your first impression of the VMS may be the new milk station touch screen and menu that makes inputting and control so much easier; but in DelPro you’ll also welcome the report generator, which allows you to collate and present any information in your database in simple ways that meet your needs. You get instant access to data and records of events.

  • Easy to use interface
  • Simple report generation based on your needs
  • Improves your farm productivity

Improve herd performance

DeLaval DelPro simplifies reproduction management and allows you to track reproductive performance. The data gathered through the system can be used for planning and forecasting, and provides accurate support in your decision making. It will alert you when cows are likely to be in heat, and provide automatic reminders when insemination is due for individual animals. Not only will this reduce costs by minimizing the number of insemination attempts, but it will also improve farm productivity by reducing the calving interval.

Your herd, in prime condition

DeLaval DelPro helps you build up a complete picture of the health of your herd, collating a comprehensive record for each individual animal. You can document vet visits, diagnosis and treatment logs; together with drug records and cell counts. All this information that is so important can be gathered without you having to write extensive manual reports, and displayed where and when you need it.

Control cow health at an individual quarter level. DelPro follows each cow’s milking performance and milk quality. It collects it all into one easy-to-read colour-coded window called Cow Monitor. With a quick look in this window you will find all the cows that need more of your attention. You will also see how things develop over time because DelPro follows the individual trends for every cow at teat level. From the Cow Monitor health window you have direct access to all relevant information for each cow, and can activate the action needed without having to move between different parts of the program.

Controls and adjusts cow traffic

The DelPro system keeps track of each cow’s milk production and number of visits to the VMS. It automatically calculates the optimal time for the next visit, based on the time elapsed since the previous milking and the amount of milk expected. It also considers the cow’s age and stage in the lactation cycle.

DeLaval smart selection gate SSG is an important part of the cow traffic system in your VMS barn. It helps you to get more milkings per cow per day, more regular milking intervals, and higher feed intake.

Follow up on milk quality in real time

DelPro logs milk quality for each cow and sends alarms if threshold levels have been exceeded. It alerts the VMS so it automatically diverts abnormal milk, and alerts you via both mobile phone and computer, so you are up to date with the health of your herd. It also displays the reason for milk being diverted.

Optimum milking performance

As the control system for a fully-automated voluntary milking system, DelPro provides you with the ultimate in flexible control over the entire process of managing your cows through the milking system: from identifying each cow and granting permission to access the VMS, to recording yield quality and quantity. You can store records and make your own reports for individual cows and for the whole herd.

Accurate feeding, better controlled costs

The key to accurate feeding lies in the information derived from each milking session, so you can tailor feed requirements to each specific cow. Milk data from the ICAR approved milk meters, together with fat and protein information from individual milk samples, can be gathered and analysed in DelPro and used to dispense precise feed amounts for each identified animal at the feed station. Feed rations can be adjusted automatically or manually, and feed wagons can be controlled through the software to provide fresh feed rations many times a day.

DeLaval voluntary milking system VMS DeLaval wireless unit WU100
DeLaval voluntary milking system VMS DeLaval wireless unit WU100
DeLaval system controller SC DeLaval DelPro™ software
DeLaval system controller SC DeLaval DelPro™ software

The monitor board

Provides a comprehensive overview of:

  • Milk production
  • Milking queue (status)
  • Udder health status (CowMon)
    - including daily reports on cows with high somatic cell counts (using records from DeLaval OCC)
  • Reproduction attentions
  • System alarms
  • It also includes a user customizable section.

Vet visit module

  • enables preparation for planned vet visits, including timely invitations
  • printed list with comprehensive set of animal data for reference during the vet check
  • fast and accurate recording of vet check results.

Activity meter system

  • Accurate detection of animals in heat
  • Monitoring of animal health deviations

Monitors cleaning


  • water temperature
  • cleaning time
  • dosing volumes, and so on.

Monitors milk tank

  • milk received
  • milk temperature
  • emptying and filling sequences.


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