DeLaval DelPro™ and feeding

Information for automation

Managing feeding your cows is a demanding task. Good and timely information is essential to maintain nutrition at the level needed to optimize cow health and milk production, while keeping feed costs under control.

With DeLaval DelPro dairy management this critical task becomes a lot easier. For the first time in stanchion barns, milk and feeding data can be automatically transferred to and from the DeLaval dairy management system. Ultimately it will connect different DeLaval feeding equipment, to programme and control feed rations.

Balancing milk yield and feed rations

DeLaval DelPro MU480 delivers milk yield data automatically, immediately after each cow is milked.

This provides the information you and DeLaval DelPro need to analyse, calculate and evaluate feed rations, for each individual cow. The milking data, particularly the representative milk sampling data with fat and protein information from ICAR testing, enables you to adjust cow diets for optimal nutrition. Expensive feed concentrates can be used efficiently, without risking over-feeding and potential nutritional disorders, or under-feeding and a decline in milk production. Feed rations can be adjusted according to milk yield or preset targets.

With DeLaval automated feeding equipment animals can be fed little and often, with the feeding equipment programmed to dispense feed very precisely. Once the system has been set up, feed rations will be adjusted automatically. This efficient system will save time and effort, while ensuring optimal feeding for good health, maximum productivity and cost-effectiveness.

DeLaval DelPro dairy management will empower you to control feeding while improving productivity.

It will be good for your cows and profitable for you.

The automated feed wagons will be available 2009.





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