DeLaval DelPro™ and communication and support

Integrated dairy management

At the heart of DeLaval DelPro™ is DeLaval dairy management software: DeLaval DelPro™ software. This is the intelligent system which provides integrated dairy management by linking DeLaval dairy management tools. It provides real-time information for well-informed decision-making: for better control of your milk production and improved farm profitability – without having to change your whole dairying system and way of life.

What does change is how information is gathered and recorded: much of this will happen automatically. What also changes, is how much time you or your team will save on basic tasks. What will change is that DeLaval DelPro will support you in improving your prosperity.

With DeLaval DelPro data on milking and feeding is automatically transferred to the DeLaval dairy management system. Data is transmitted to DeLaval wireless unit WU100, which then sends it by cable to DeLaval system controller SC. The system controller sends the data on, via cable, to your computer. Having wireless functionality means your milking units or feed wagon can communicate with the computer while being fully mobile within the confines of your barn.

Controlling information

Now instead of having to spend time manually writing down details from each milking session and typing them into your computer, you simply call the information up on screen.

It get reports and graphs with the information you need for decision support – whether it is to analyse feeding effectiveness, adjusting feed rations in response to milk yield; or to check on cow health, lactation curve persistency; or to monitor the breeding programme. Or any of the many other factors you need to consider.

DeLaval DelPro will be your smart and efficient farm assistant: to save time, improve accuracy, enhance efficiency and generate profitability.

Get more from each cow and the most from your farm

Wireless connectivity provides the automation needed for immediacy in information: with accuracy and speed delivering graphs, reports and reminders for well informed decision making.

DeLaval DelPro can also exchange data with third parties: the external entities that require regular reports or the specialist consultant companies which provide advice, for instance on fine tuning nutrition.

Among the many benefits, it facilitates tight control of feed costs while meeting high productivity targets, fine tuning feed intake and milking performance. It all contributes to a favourable impact on your bottom line.


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