Sort gates

Sort gates

You know how often you have to sort your cows. This task is very labour intensive. But with DeLaval sort gates controlled by DeLaval ALPRO™ herd management system it is much simpler. Stress free for your cows while maintaining good parlour throughput.

Sort your herd from anywhere

With DeLaval sort gates you can sort your cows from anywhere. When you’re milking in the parlour and see a cow needs attention – for lameness, an inflamed quarter, or a drop in milk yield – you can sort the cow immediately from any milking point controller (MPC). If you carry a Palm with ALPRO™ 1.1 for Palm OS, you can enter sort data while checking your cows in the barn. At the office? Use the herd management program on your computer.

For scheduled sorting ALPRO offers many ways to sort your cows. Cows can be sorted by manually typing in data, or based on reports generated by ALPRO itself. ALPRO herd management system can separate cows automatically, based on multiple selection criteria in up to eight combinations.


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