Optimal parlour performance

Optimal parlour performance is all about getting the details right. At DeLaval we help you achieve this by ensuring that cow traffic runs smoothly, your milking equipment is performing optimally and that milking is fast and effective.

When you get the mix right, you can maximise throughput and milk yield while minimising your costs per litre of milk.

Maximise throughput and increase capacity

The right stalling system can play an important part in productivity. DeLaval premium stalling systems are designed to ensure your cows move quickly through the parlour into the ideal position for milking. Once in position, cows remain at ease throughout milking, for fast and effective milk-out. The robust stalling system also provides milkers with a safe, ergonomic workplace.

Optimise flow with integrated systems

An intelligent cow traffic system helps provide optimal cow flow in your barn. Parlour integrated crowd gates ensure a smooth traffic stream from the waiting area into the parlour. Smart sorting gates guide cows back to their barns or divert them to holding pens for examination and treatment.

Speed, control and reduced workload in the pit

Automating processes, such as slip detection and take-off – at the touch of a button – gives you greater control in the pit while reducing workload. Automating much of the pit work also speeds up cow throughput and enables you to concentrate on the job in hand.

Improved cow comfort

Unique stall points guide cows quickly into position. They ensure your cows feels secure and comfortable enough to ruminate during milking. Cluster support provides ideal cluster alignment for less fall-offs, reduced liner slippage and better milk out, not to mention improved operator comfort.

Built to stand the test of time

DeLaval parlour systems are built to withstand the harsh environments of the dairy barn. Whether they are in operation 24/7 or just a few hours a day, these robust units can be relied on to milk effectively over the long-term.

100 years of operational expertise for improved production

DeLaval dairy farming consultants can provide you with all the support you need for improved production. Whether you wish to boost production in your existing operations or are looking for expert help when building a new barn, our dairy farming consultants can help you eliminate unnecessary downtime and unleash any untapped potential.

Know your operating costs for the coming years

With the introduction of InService All-Inclusive we now offer a complete operational service programme for your parlour. It includes DeLaval In-Service preventive maintenance, which can save you up to EURO 5 for every euro spent. It also includes regular delivery of essential operational goods such as liners, tubes and pump oil. This way you can plan ahead with complete peace of mind, knowing what your milking operational costs will be for the coming years.

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