Effective stanchion herd management

Effective stanchion herd management means having the right tools and processes in place and combining them to ensure your cows have a healthy and productive life.

Collect all the right information quickly and simply

Efficient monitoring of cows and the milk they produce provides the information you need to improve cow health, fertility and milk quality. This information is stored in your farm management system and can be relayed to you whether you’re in the barn, out in the fields, or elsewhere. With this information at hand, you can decide the best course of action to take or alternatively, receive an automatic prompt from the system recommending an action.

Farm management as it should be

DeLaval Farm Management software is an intelligent system that connects the different areas of your milking operations together to deliver improved farm management. Once connected, the system records and collates information that can be used to create reports on health, productivity, reproduction, performance and milking routines. With this information your operations can be fine-tuned to enhance productivity.  

Proactive healthcare: real-time health advisory unit

If you know the somatic cell count of a cow, you know its health status. DeLaval’s hand held automatic somatic cell counter provides an accurate reading of a cow’s milk, so you can detect signs of mastitis and udder health issues at an early stage. Doing this on a daily basis will reduce vet costs, antibiotic use, the risk of mastitis spreading amongst your herd and potential losses in milk production. Stanchion barns are unique because the cows can be milked in a set order, the healthiest (low SSC) animals first and those with the highest SCC last.

Monitoring cow health is a priority

ICAR / DHIA approved milk recording of cows after every milking detects deviations in individual cow milk yields. Deviations may indicate health issues or when the animal is in heat. With this information on hand cows can be addressed immediately thus reducing vet and fertility costs.

Feeding – the key to improved productivity and reduced costs

An advanced feed management programme can make all the difference on your farm. However, carrying out all the tasks that need doing demands considerable resources. With a complete stanchion feeding system you can automate the different parts of the feeding process such as mixing and delivering the roughage base ration. You can also introduce challenge feeding of your cows in the early days of lactation to drive up peak yield and as a consequence increase your overall milk production. Feeding cows based on their individual milk yield / post-peak yield reduces feed costs and optimises the condition of cows as they enter the dry / pre-calving period.

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