Effective parlour herd management

Effective parlour herd management means having the right tools and processes in place, and combining them to ensure your cows have a healthy and productive life.

If you do this effectively you will reduce all the usual insemination, vet and feed costs, while increasing productivity and milk quality.

Farm management fine-tuned

DeLaval Farm Management software is an intelligent system that connects the different areas of your milking operations together to deliver improved farm management. Once connected, the system records and collates information that can be used to create reports on health, productivity, reproduction, performance and milking routines. With this information your operations can be fine-tuned to enhance productivity. 

Turning information into productivity  

Effective monitoring of cows and milk provides much of the information you need to improve cow health and fertility as well as milk quality. Best-in-class milk meters and cow identification ensure key information is instantly relayed to your farm management system.

Information at your fingertips at the right time

As soon as milking begins, information about the cow and it’s milk can be relayed to you in the pit. Is there blood in the milk, should the milk be diverted, is the flow low, is the vacuum operating smoothly? With this, and much more information instantly at hand, you can decide the best course of action to take or receive an automatic prompt from the system recommending an action.

Minimise the risk of ill health spreading through the herd

If a cow falls ill the last thing you want is for illness to spread amongst the herd. Flushing liners after every milking can ensure that mastitis is not spread between cows during milking. Treating and cleaning cows’ hooves regularly as they leave the parlour can minimise the risk of hoof infections. Doing both will increase cow productivity and longevity.

Feeding  – the key to improved productivity and reduced costs

An advanced feed management programme can make all the difference on your farm. You can improve herd health, reduce feed costs and increase milk quality and productivity. However, carrying out all the tasks that need doing demands a lot of resources. With Optimat, your feeding management programme can be fully automated. 

Know with certainty: heat detection and animal health

Herd Navigator is the ultimate system for farmers who want to stay one step ahead of their herd. Herd Navigator tells you with 99% certainty if a cow is on heat or is suffering from ketosis or mastitis. It does this up to three days before it can be seen with the human eye and advises you on the best course of action to take to treat the animal.
With Herd Navigator reproductive cycles can be shortened and vet costs greatly reduced. Research has shown that you can expect to gain up to 250 Euros per year per cow with Herd Navigator.

Get an active fertility indicator

The behaviour of a cow is an important indicator of how she feels. With a dynamic activity meter system, individual cow’s movements are tracked throughout the barn and analysed. If a cow enters a heat period you will be notified via your farm management system and prompted to prepare for insemination. The system also monitors cows for reduced activity, which may be caused by ill health, and prompts you to take an action. 

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