Advanced stanchion milking technology

The latest stanchion milking technology ensures your milk remains optimum quality from the moment it leaves the cow to the time it leaves your farm. This will help you maintain premium prices.

Innovative milking liner design

The Clover milking liner is proven to deliver more value. These milking liners help ensure increased milk yield, faster milking out, less slippage, fewer mastitis cases and reduced Somatic Cell Count.

Vacuum stability helps in udder health and milk quality

Stable milking vacuum helps to safeguard milk quality, while promoting faster milking and milk let-down. Healthy teat ends close tightly at the end of milking helping to protect the udders from environmental infection. Combining this with the DeLaval pulsator, the world’s most sold electronic pulsator, provides optimum cow comfort and maximum milking efficiency. 

Energy-efficient cleaning

Milk quality depends heavily on keeping your milking system clean. DeLaval cleaning systems ensure the cleanest results with minimum fresh water requirements. And they save energy, too: heat recovered from the cooling process, for example, can be used to heat recycled water for washing.

Keep it cool

The cooling process is another vital element in safeguarding the quality of your milk. Cooling and precooling systems from DeLaval ensure that milk is cooled down rapidly and kept in motion, thus preserving the fat content and delaying the bacterial growth process. In short, they keep milk at its optimum freshness until it’s collected by the dairy.

Keep an eye on milk quality at all times

Best-in-class milk monitors don’t only record milk quantities, they also monitor blood traces and the conductivity of the milk. Combining this information with accurate cell counter data keeps you informed, helping you to produce high quality milk. This way you can divert any low quality milk before it is transported to the dairy, thus safeguarding your milk production.     

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