Advanced parlour milking technology

Advanced parlour milking technology ensures your milk remains fresh and at peak quality from the moment it leaves a cow to the time it leaves your farm. This will help you maintain premium prices.

Sustainable operations save time and money

DeLaval’s dedication to sustainable dairy farming has led to a number of innovations that reduce environmental impact and operating costs, and contribute to improved productivity. This includes everything from variable speed drives that considerably reduce pump running costs to smart water management systems that use heat recovered from the cooling process to heat washing water and reuse water to reduce fresh water requirements.

Harmony: The premium cluster for ultimate milking

The Harmony Cluster is synonymous with fast milk flows, gentle treatment of cows’ teats and milker ergonomics. Harmony’s reduced weight design lowers the risk of liner slips and cluster fall offs. Patented TopFlow™ technology offers quick and gentle milk flows and enables a constant, stable vacuum at all times. When used in combination with the Clover liner, fast milk-out and gentle treatment of teats is further guaranteed. 

Stability, a key factor in milk quality

A stable vacuum and pulsation safeguard milk quality and promote smooth and speedy milk-out, while ensuring milking is gentle on teats. The DeLaval state-of-the-art variable speed drive is a smart energy system that stabilises the vacuum and minimises energy use. Combining this with the DeLaval pulsator, the world’s most sold electronic pulsator, gives optimum cow comfort and maximum milking efficiency.

The cleaner the better

Keeping your milking system clean goes a long way to preserving milk quality. Flushing out any bacteria after every milking ensures that milk cannot be contaminated the next time you come to milk. DeLaval cleaning units sterilise milking systems, effectively removing any milk residue and bacteria from pipes and tanks.

Keep it cool

Cooling milk down quickly and effectively is essential for maintaining milk quality. Cooling and precooling systems from DeLaval are tailored to meet the needs of a productive farm. They ensure that milk is cooled down rapidly and kept in motion thus preserving the fat content and greatly delaying the bacterial growth process. 

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