Put the PLUS+ in your farm

At DeLaval we can make any farm more productive and more profitable.

We do this by bringing together the three pillars of productivity – optimal performance, effective herd management and advanced milking technology – and integrating them into your existing farm operations.

Optimal performance

Optimal performance is about getting the details right. At DeLaval we help you achieve this by ensuring that cow traffic runs smoothly, your milking equipment is performing optimally and that milking is fast and effective.

This way you maximise throughput and milk yield while minimising your costs per litre of milk.

Effective herd management

Effective herd management means having the right tools and processes in place and combining them to ensure your cows have a healthy and productive life.

If this is achieved effectively you can reduce the usual insemination, vet and feed costs, while increasing productivity and milk quality.

Advanced milking technology

Advanced milking technology ensures your milk remains fresh and at peak quality from the moment it leaves a cow, to the time it leaves your farm.

This is the key to receiving premium prices.


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