Consumables: safeguard milk quality, protect your profitability

Consumables: safeguard milk quality, protect your profitability

DeLaval has been serving farmers for over 130 years and has long experience in developing consumables that meet their toughest demands. The optimal milking performance that each of these consumables helps deliver is backed by extensive research and manufacturing expertise. Only the best will suffice for our customers.

The quality of the milk that you produce is vital in maintaining the profitability of your dairy operation. And with so many factors each playing a role in milk quality, it’s easy to overlook smaller items that also contribute to your profitability.

Choosing the right consumable products is important. Liners, filters, teat dips, detergents and even vacuum pump oils are all critical to the successful performance of your operation. You can’t run your dairy without them. And it won’t save you money by skimping on quality if it puts your herd health and machinery at risk.

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