Milk filtration

This is the first edition of the Efficient Milk Filtration booklet, edited and published by DeLaval International AB. This booklet is the result of our extensive experience in dairy farming and milk filtration, starting in the late 19th century when our founder, Gustav deLaval, invented the revolutionary cream separator. Ever since, milk separation and filtration have formed the very heart of our operations.

The Efficient Milk Filtration booklet draws on the vast collective knowledge of milk filtration experts from all over the world. It has been created to give farmers, consultants and advisers, students and other individuals with an interest in high quality milk production, a tool with which to familiarise themselves with successful, effi cient and ultra-hygienic on-farm milk fi ltration. Furthermore, it outlines the critical role of milk fi ltration within a high-quality milk production process.

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Milk filtration  

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