EasyStride™ - A highly effective hoof care solution

Since it’s formulated with a new environmental approach using organic acids, EasyStride™ is completely free of heavy metals, formaldehyde and quaternary ammonium compounds (QAC) – making it safe and compliant with even the most demanding requirements from modern dairy processors.

Core benefits

• Free of QAC, copper sulphate and formalin
• Highly effective
• Apply via hoofbath or spray
• Noticeable blue colouring on hooves
• Nice smell

When a cow develops lameness, she starts to move, eat and drink less. Consequently, milk production will fall. Combine this with the cost of veterinary treatment and longer reproductive interval and it becomes clear how damaging hoof infections can be.

Using EasyStride™ as part of your hoof management routine helps to control infections by reducing the spread of bacteria – keeping your cows comfortable and your bottom line protected.

EasyStride™ is a highly effective hoof care solution that is based on biodegradable actives.

When mixed correctly in a regular hoofbath, EasyStride™ will remain effective for up to 200 cows passing depending upon organic load (mixed solution = 1 litre per cow).
Topical spray application has also been shown to be effective. Dosage and using frequency can be adapted in case of higher contamination pressure

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